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BGP on Mikrotik ROSv7.1 – Change for good?

BGP on Mikrotik ROSv7.1 is something that has changed drastically. With RouterOS v7.1 RC3 Mikrotik has made BGP stable enough for use with route filters finally working fine. The entire Routing Engine of RouterOS has been redesigned from scratch and this is the main cause of slow progress of the much anticipated RouterOS v7. I… Read More »

Linksys E5600 router review

As the pandemic has forced more and more people to work from home, internet and Wi-fi routers have become no less important than utility power. A stable, no nonsense and heavy duty router is key to peace of mind while working from home. Recently I decided to change my Wi-Fi router Mikrotik HAP AC^2 with… Read More »

Mikrotik RouterOSv7 rant:

ALERT: THIS IS A RANT POST ABOUT MIKROTIK ROUTEROSv7 INCASE YOU ARE A FANBOY PLEASE IGNORE THIS POST.Router OS v7 was promised long back by Mikrotik. In the Mikrotik forum we can trace it back as long as 2011. It has been used used as a unicorn my Mikrotik for many of bugs in RouterOS… Read More »

India’s first Virtual Internet Exchange – OpenSwitch IX

Internet exchanges are a key internet infrastructure that boost network connectivity and reduce internet latency and bandwidth costs. OpenSwitch IX is India’s first virtual internet exchange. Internet exchanges help ISPs reduce bandwidth costs while customers experience lower latency while accessing content. Content providers get more eyeball traffic to their networks. It is a win-win situation… Read More »

Prefix unreachable from Hurricane Electric (AS6939)

On 5th July, suddenly some of my prefixes whose upstream used Asympto Networks (AS39533) as their upstream suddenly became unreachable from Hurricane Electric’s (AS6939) end. HE’s looking glass showed that my prefixes were reachable over via AS39533-AS34927-AS213326. However ping was unreachable and also traceroute showed that the traffic was being dropped after it was being… Read More »