Peering Policy:

I am open to peering with anyone over BGP via GRE/VxLAN/Zerotier tunnels over the internet. To peer simply drop an email to [email protected]

My prefixes:

2a0f:9400:8017::/48 – Home lab use.
2a0e:b107:9e0::/44 – Test prefix for my peers.
2406:840:f330::/44 – Used for India centric use cases.
2a0e:b107:b00::/44 – Used by Dipan Roy for his home lab. Ham related usecases and leasing out smaller blocks of upto /28 blocks to licensed HAM operators for PURELY NON COMMERCIAL AND HAM USE.
All my prefixes are ROA signed. My AS-SET is AS-213326-PEERS

AS213326 PoP:

1. Home sweet home @ Kolkata, IN.
2. Openswitch-IX.
3. Romania Open IX.
4. Romania Commercial IX.